Sorry Kid... The Death Tax Got It

Vito Caputo
October 8, 2004

Republicans are trying to get rid of the DeathTax... yet there is no tax on dying.  There is an EstateTax which gets imposed on a person's estate after their death... IF.

So why do the Republicans refer to the EstateTax as the DeathTax?

With a certainty of 99.9%... I can say that not one person reading this will have a penny removed from their estate by the EstateTax because they don't meet the IF.  People that do meet the IF... don't spend much time surfing the Internet... and for sure... they wouldn't visit this website.

Once you become knowledgeable about the IF... it immediately becomes obvious why Republicans refer to the EstateTax as the DeathTax:  Everyone dies.  (Implication:  Everyone pays.)

Calling the EstateTax a DeathTax is a thought-plant meant to cause the general population to believe that... under this tax... the government will capture a large portion of their estate after they die... and everyone knows they will die.  In fact... everyone knows that everyone will die... which makes it clear in their minds that everyone will have to pay the DeathTax.  Conclusion?  The Republicans are trying to help everyone escape the DeathTax.

It is common knowledge that using fear to manipulate people is an extremely effective technique.  Knowing about this technique is one thing... using it is another.  To me... it seems fear ranks second (by frequency) in the Republicans' arsenal of deceptive tactics. (Their first preference is lying by omission).

[Sidebar] I am not blind to the fact that all politicians use manipulative techniques. The difference... to me... is when they are used to achieve a hidden agenda which benefits a few at the expense of the many.

Calling the EstateTax a DeathTax is a FearTactic.  The Republicans warn us about losing the FamilyFarm to the DeathTax... and not being able to pass it onto our heirs.  They actually say "Family Farm".  Why?

They say FamilyFarm because it's a loaded word.  It conjures up an image of everything you've worked for... everything you've managed to accumulate.  They say FamilyFarm because they know that you will identify with it - everyone has a FamilyFarm.

Practically speaking... there ain't no FamilyFarms.  There are a few left... still fighting off a corporate buy-out.  Each is worth a hell-of-a-lot more than you are.  In fact... those that actually do own a real FamilyFarm will be subjected to the EstateTax - they meet the IF.  Even so... it is highly unlikely that their paying the EstateTax will cause their family to lose their farm.

Before you jump on the bandwagon to eliminate what the Republicans refer to as the DeathTax... it would be in your own best interest to find out exactly what that IF is.


Elimination of this tax will not save your family one RedCent after you die... unless you've accumulated an obscene amount of wealth.  Elimination of this tax will cost you and your family plenty for the rest of your lives.  It's called ShiftingTheBurden.

© 2004 Vito Caputo

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