Using Independent Contractors to Get the Job Done


Sometimes you find encouragement in the strangest places.  I've been kicking around the hypothesis presented in this article for several months.  Today, I heard something on the radio that compelled me to take the time necessary to disseminate this hypothesis.  You can blame the realization of this article on Rush Limbaugh.

The first Kerry-Bush debate happened last night... and I saw it from beginning to end.  Afterward... I visited the BBC website and found a reader poll: Who won the debate?  At 10:47PM CDT...  2,232 votes had been cast:  Bush - 8%, Kerry - 88%, Draw - 4%.  It doesn't often happen to me so... it felt strange to be part of a majority. (I don't put much weight on polls... but this was extreme.  Today... I couldn't find the BBC poll.)

I was curious as to how Rush Limbaugh would deal with the curtain being pulled back so... I tuned him in today... and was fortunate enough to catch him in one of his biggest blunders...

Rush was beating down the Democrats because they had posted a video on their website showing (only) Bush's facial expressions (set to music) while Kerry was speaking.  Rush sees no value in such a study and perceives it as being a typical low-class democratic slander of his Man.  Apparently... Rush is unfamiliar with the concepts of body language and microexpressions.

Because I was piloting my vehicle, I was unable to write down his exact words... but here's the essence:

The Democrats were real quick to put out this worthless video... dwelling on presentation.  Well... WE are going to put out a video about content.  Just wait till you see the video WE will shortly be putting up on the RepublicanParty's website.

WE?  Whadda ya mean... WE?  Repeatedly, Rush and the RepublicanParty have mutually claimed their independence.  Today, Rush said WEOops!

I suspect that not very many people caught that blunder.  Furthermore... I know that most people would think I was crazy for perceiving it as being meaningful.  To those people, I say...

He said it, I didn't.  I pay attention and if you don't... too bad for you.

My belief system is such that I do not think my hearing this was a coincidence.  I rarely listen to Limbaugh... and I never listen for more than 10 minutes.  For me... hearing it was a message - it was time to write this article.

Using Independent Contractors
to Get the Job Done

Vito Caputo
October 1, 2004

For the first time, our military (Commander-In-Chief: George Bush) has openly hired IndependentContractors to 'assist' them in making the world a safer place.  To my knowledge, nobody has questioned why this was done... so I had to figure it out myself.  In doing so... I was led to a realization about the manipulative tactics of the RepublicanParty.

On the surface, hiring IndependentContractors sure doesn't make sense economically.  I don't know the exact numbers in regards to what they get paid... and suspecting that information has been classified under the guise of NationalSecurity... I didn't even bother researching the matter.  My guess is that such a person gets paid ten times as much as a soldier.

[Sidebar] I wonder how this discrepancy in pay (a measure of worth) makes a soldier feel.  Bush harps about how his opposition sends the wrong message to our soldiers.  What's this message?

There is no need for exactness here... it only needs to be recognized that hiring IndependentContractors was not an economic decision.

Was it a shortage of manpower decision?  Well... I don't know how many IndependentContractors the military 'had' to hire... nor does it matter what the exact number is (it too is probably classified under the guise of National Security).  All that matters is that their number is very small compared to the 140,000 military personnel in Iraq.  I would imagine that a relatively low-key analysis of how efficiently those 140,000 soldiers were assigned to their duties... more than enough soldiers could have been made available to do what the IndependentContractors where hired to do.

When it became public knowledge that... through some hocus-pocus... the United States Government could not be held responsible for the actions of the IndependentContractors... the reason behind the BushAdministration's decision to use IndependentContractors became clear... to me: immunity from responsibility.

By using IndependentContractors, the BushAdministration could get things done without being held accountable... ya know... like torturing prisoners.  Through some other hocus-pocus, the BushAdministration could provide these IndependentContractors with immunity from prosecution for their misdeeds... by anyone.

[Sidebar] Three IndependentContractors were brutally murdered, their bodies mutilated, burned, dragged through the streets and strung up on a bridge. 

This event coincided with the first appearance of the Abu Ghraib photos... and it was soon revealed that the IndependentContractors were deeply involved in the abuses at the prison.  Nobody put it together.  Out of 140,000 choices... why did the Iraqis pick three IndependentContractors?

For me... it has become obvious that the RepublicanParty has been using IndependentContractors for more than a decade... for the impunity such a relationship provides.  There is much that the RepublicanParty want to say... but dare not say it themselves.  There is much propaganda they want to get out... but dare not get caught doing it.  There is much brainwashing to be done... but they can't do it themselves.

Although there may not be a formal agreement... Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly are the best known IndependentContractors for the RepublicanParty.  They say what the RepublicanParty want to say... but can't.  As described above... the RepublicanParty cannot be held responsible for what these IndependentContractors say.  For this reason... no matter how dirty and misleading these hate-mongers get... you will never hear any acceptance of responsibility... or criticism... from the RepublicanParty.

Unlike the usual relationship employer/worker relationship... no money changes hands. Compensation is in the form of PresidentialAccess and EgoNourishment.  Favors too... one hand feeds the other.

Brainwashing requires time... far more time and intensity than the few sound bites the media provides politicians.... or the occasional interviews.  Add up the airtime and exposure these IndependentContractor guys get.  In my location... on the radio alone... these guys rack-up more than 40 hours a week.  They all hammer away on the same themes: liberals are evil... Democrats are liberals... Republicans know the answers and do no wrong... George Bush is great.  At more than 40 hours a week... you'd be hard pressed to convince me that that's not brainwashing.

The fact that Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld have been 'guests' on these hate-mongers' programs... at critical times... gives credence to my hypothesis.

"But wait... there's more!"

Corporations are limited in the amount of monetary support they can give to political campaigns... or political movements... and they cannot claim such expenditures as a cost of doing business.  However... through sponsoring the broadcasts of these RepublicanParty IndependentContractors... corporations can indirectly 'donate' unlimited funds to the RepublicanParty.  For the corporations, the sweetest part of this entire setup is that the IRS would never question funds spent to sponsor a broadcast as being anything other than "Advertising Expenses"... and you know what that means. 

Perhaps this perspective will provide some insight about the proliferation of hate and dissemination of the RepublicanParty's agenda... or not.

© 2004 Vito Caputo

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