When You Need to Lie With Impunity...
Tell the Truth

Vito Caputo
October 3, 2004

There is great danger in telling an outright lie.  Facts are readily available on the Internet that could nail the perp.

The prudent person that needs to lie with impunity will always tell the truth... selectively... with intent.  It's called lying by omission... and it's far more insidious than an outright lie.  I suppose that all politicians use this tactic at one time or another but... its use by the BushAdministration is rampant.

Once aware of the strategy... it's fairly easy to spot... when you're reading.

[Sidebar] Unless the purpose of an article is to pose questions... a competent author leaves no unanswered questions.  For critical reading... it's always judicious to assume that the author is competent.

If the content leads to an obvious question, which is never addressed... it's reasonably safe to assume there is a manipulative reason the author chose to leave out the answer.

It's not nearly as easy to spot in a verbal presentation.  You just don't have the time needed to think.

During the first debate, George Bush said that during his administration, more Americans have come to own their own home than at any other time in history.  That's pretty impressive.  During his administration... more people than ever have achieved TheAmericanDream.  The subtext is that he has already been successful in leading America down the YellowBrickRoad to become... what he now calls an ownership society.

In this case... there was no particular unanswered question that popped out at me.  Yet what he was saying was inconsistent with what I've been reading... and what I see all around me.  Either he's talking about somewhere I don't travel... or he's leaving something out.  Based on his well-established style... I assumed the later.

I didn't bother checking the truth-value of his claim.  It's too close to the election for him to take the risk of getting nailed.  I chose to accept what he said as being true.  Read on... you'll see that the truth-value of his claim turns out... in the big picture... to be irrelevant.

Why is owning your own home TheAmericanDream?  Equity.  Equity is what you can take with you should you decide to re-locate.  Equity is what you can pass on to your children.  Surely, there's no joy in mowing the lawn, fixing the plumbing and paying RealEstate taxes if you ain't got no equity.  Whenever you talk about owning a home... you talk about equity.

George Bush didn't mention equity... for good reason.  During the BushAdministration, the average owner equity has never been lower.

When people re-financed their homes to get a lower interest rate, they were offered the opportunity to simultaneously borrow against their equity so they could also pay off their higher-rate loans and credit card debt.  Numerically, doing this makes sense... but all too soon, it yielded disastrous results...

The health of homeownership shows in the level of foreclosure activity.  There have been more foreclosures during the BushAdministration than any other similar period of time.  Foreclosures are rising to epidemic proportions.

Naturally, people will do damn near anything to escape foreclosure.  Consequently... more people have filed for personal bankruptcy during the BushAdministration than have died from cancer and heart disease.

So... during the BushAdministration, bank ownership of homes has reached an all time high.  Although the bank has all the equity... the owner still has to pay the ever increasing real estate taxes.  Conceptually... under George Bush's leadership...owning a home today means little more than maintaining it and having the privilege of paying the taxes.  George Bush's economic policies and his bogus job creation strategy has turned TheAmericanDream into TheAmericanNightmare.

I'm sure George Bush knows all of this stuff... and it's pretty obvious why he chose to omit these pertinent facts.  He told the truth... so you can't nail him.  But he lied by omission... and insidiously misleads his supporters.  Screwing the opposition is one thing... but screwing your own people is another.  For this... he should be boiled in oil.

At many levels... George Bush is not the man he wants you to think he is.  If he was... he'd have the faith to know that God would would make him president again... even if he told the whole truth.

© 2004 Vito Caputo

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