You Can't Handle the Truth

Vito Caputo
October 20, 2004

One man... one vote... majority rules.  Pretty simple.  Yet... this is the footing that supports the foundation of democracy.  Take away the footing... the foundation sinks... democracy collapses.

During every political campaign... we witness unethical tactics implemented by one group to destroy the image their opposition is trying to create.  Much is written off as freedom of speech.  The TalkingHeads... the GasBags... coyly label such maneuvers as DirtyTricks.  There is never mention of ethics or morality... it's written off as business as usual... a form of MentalCastration.  How insulting.

Rarely is such behavior investigated which gives the perpetrators license to do it again.  Watergate was the exception... Breaking and Entering was the crime.

[Sidebar] There is little doubt that the RepublicanParty prevented eligible citizens from voting in the 2000 presidential election... and by not pursuing the matter... we... all Americans... gave them license to do it again.  And they did.  Again... there is little doubt vote tampering was behind the strange and unexpected results in the 2002 Congressional elections.  Again... we did not pursue the matter... and we... all Americans... renewed their license.

When DirtyTricks are used to prevent eligible voters from expressing their preferences... that's undermining democracy.  Let's call it what it really is... 

It's not a DirtyTrick... it's treason.

People who are involved in... or support... acts of treason against their own country are traitors.  The concept of a PatrioticTraitor is beyond my comprehension.  I can't understand how a person can perceive themselves as being patriotic at the same time they openly support treasonous acts.

When you choose to support a particular political party... you are supporting that party's ideology... and I can certainly understand why some people would choose one party's ideology and priorities over another party's.  Nothing wrong with that.  However... although few may be consciously aware... supporting a political party implies one's approval of their methodology... their ethics and their morality.  Nothing less.  It's a package deal.  Buy one... get one free.

Somewhere along the line... I was led to believe that the American people fully support the concept of democracy... and our government was hell-bent on insuring that it remains a democracy.  Yet... with the BushAdministration's blessing... the RepublicanParty's blatant efforts to prevent eligible voters who are most likely to vote against them goes unchecked. This effort is a clear statement that they do not want a democracy... they want it their way regardless of what the real majority of the people want.  So much so that they proudly and boldly commit treason in an attempt to create a phoney majority... and those that support the RepublicanParty perceive such activities as being clever... and a sign of leadership.

Let's not beat around the bush.

(No pun intended.) Through their treasonous antics to prevent eligible people from voting... the RepublicanParty is trying to overthrow democracy.  There is no way to view their behavior other than to conclude that the RepublicanParty is attacking America with the intention of overthrowing its form of government.  If successful...the RepublicanParty will occupy America.

In both Vietnam and Iraq... we've seen what people do when their country is occupied.  Americans defensively label such people as insurgents when... in fact... they are TheResistance.  If the RepublicanParty retains power... truly patriotic Americans... those that truly believe in the concept of MajorityRules will do the same.  Banking on the historical passive nature of those that lean to the left... with all that is at risk... is a BadBet.

Can you handle the truth?

I really hate to be the one to tell you this... but if you choose to support the current incarnation of the RepublicanParty... then you too are attacking democracy.  If you are a citizen of this country... by definition... you are a traitor.

During the VietnamEra... the conservative mantra was "If you don't like it... leave."  When immigrants speak out about being mistreated... "If you don't like it... leave."  When Black people speak out about the prejudices that are confronted with on a daily basis... "If you don't like it... leave."  Although in most instances... complaints voiced by these minorities are totally justifiable... the RightWing and members of the RepublicanParty tell them "If you don't like it... leave."  Somehow... to these people... dissent became an unAmerican activity.

Unlike these examples of righteous indignation... direct involvement in... or support of... the destruction of our democracy is totally unjustifiable.  It sure isn't dissent... it's antiAmerican... it's treason.

If you don't like democracy... why don't you just leave.

© 2004 Vito Caputo

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