Stationary Billboards
(Mobile Billboards are also available.)

For quick and easy on-the-fly installation, these billboards are printed on high-quality crack & peel paper. Although the paper itself is not water-proof, both ink and adhesive are - they can be installed outdoors and remain functional for the imposed time-frame. (Bumper stickers are available.)
Flush - It's Your Duty
These billboards measure 23/8" X 31/2"... but don't let their size fool you into thinking they are merely stickers. Their design has all the qualities - and the impact - of those huge things you see everywhere you go. The powerful image carries a subliminal loaded message. Four words tell the whole story. In the wink of an eye... the thought is planted.


The compact size of these billboards and their quick hit & run installation procedure provides for an unlimited number of location possibilities. Although smooth surfaces provide the best mounting surface, they will adhere to close-woven fabric (clothing, backpacks, etc.)
An idea placement is on the back of your favorite Bush supporter. Remove the protective backing and place the billboard (sticky side up) in your palm. A loving slap your buddy's back at the water-cooler completes the installation.

Human waste repositories (washrooms) are ideal. The most secure location in these facilities is the back of the stall door since maintenance people (who may be directed to remove unofficial things) never look at the back of the stall door. Washrooms at entertainment venues provide a high volume of eyes and management may even appreciate the reminder to flush.

If time allows, that extra roll of toilet paper is an ideal target: Carefully remove the wrapper and re-wrap it with the printing on the inside. Install the billboard on the (now showing) unprinted wrapper.

Waiting areas where magazines are available provide an excellent opportunity. In a discrete fashion, install these billboards on the inside of the front covers of the most current (and most tattered) issues. Peel - place - done!

Placement possibilities are unlimited. You don't have to go out-of-you-way to find effective locations. Here's a few ideas to get you started...

Walls, doors, windows, mirrors, monitors, laptops, tables, desks, bulletin boards, cabinets, file folders, envelopes, books, notebooks, portfolios, clipboards, refrigerators, microwave ovens, coffee machines, lampposts, parking meters, mailboxes.

Sometimes it's better to mount the billboard on the inside... like on those large inter-office envelopes.

Objects that move are also suitable... Motorcycles, bikes, buses, trains, hardhats, tool boxes, lunch boxes, briefcases, backpacks, luggage, purses, shopping bags.

Expand your domain by giving (or selling) them to your friends.



Stationary billboards are shipped via USPS unless special arrangements are made. Shipping and handling charges range from $1.50 to $10 based on number of billboards shipped to one address.
Involvement Quantity Price Gimmee
Sure - I can dig it! 1 - 9 $1.00 each
A few friends 12 $10.00
Well connected 25 $20.00
On a mission 50 $35.00
Seller - pocket change 100 $60.00
Seller - second income 500 $250.00
Seller - only income 1000 $400.00
Read about our Mobile Billboards
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