Mobile Billboards
(Stationary Billboards are also available.)

We've arranged for our graphics to be mounted onto a variety of Mobile Billboard devices which allows a single reproduction to cover a wide geographic area. These devices utilize a 100% fuel efficient propulsion system so there are absolutely no operation expenses or hidden costs. They do, however, require periodic maintenance.

These Mobile Billboard devices will last for years... but we're sure hoping their message will become obsolete in November 2004... after which they are sure to become a collectors' item.

Here's a small sampling of the variety of available Mobile Billboard devices.

AdultsInfants & KidsDogs
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This collection of Mobile Billboard devices also includes a few devices to which we have mounted a different graphic...
Our Flush - It's your Duty graphic is a simple, powerful statement of what must clearly be done - now. Still, it makes no indication of exactly what we stand to lose. We believe that way too many Americans still don't get it so... another graphic was created to lay it out for them.

Under the Bush administration, our liberty has begun to erode. Neo-cons and the ChristianRight perceive liberty as their greatest threat... and they have infiltrated our government in the form of republicans. Their intentions are clear. There is no need to point out particular incidences where this erosion is evident... you know that it is... and it's happenning at an accelerating pace.

Above all else, our liberty is what makes America America. If we lose our liberty, there will be no non-violent method available to us to regain it. This election may very well be our last chance.

It's a no-brainer to realize this...
Kerry It or Bury It

Vote for Kerry or lose your liberty
These are your choices

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