Ya know those thoughts that periodically pop into your head?  Seemingly unprovoked and spontaneous... most often, they go nowhere.  I'm sure they come from somewhere but usually, I don't know where.  They drop in... they drop out.  I call 'em droppings.

I think that the more you pay attention to what your senses take in, the more droppings you get.  I pay attention... but my short term memory is shot.  If I can't immediately write it down, I lose it.  So... although I get a lot of droppings, all will not get posted here.

There's one thing you can be certain of in regards to the droppings that do appear here - I had pen and paper when they came into my mind.  Assume nothing more - specifically, the topic and their amusement or intellectual value.

I get two kinds of droppings - one-liners and shorts.  Time allowing...a one-liner may turn into a short... or maybe even an article. If this happens, the one-liner will show as a link.  A one-liner will disappear if I decided it was too stupid and embarrassing to leave posted.


Clever - It's too damn generic

Dis Ain't No Laughing Matter

Women!  Who needs 'em?

Supply & Demand Done Got Broke


Please check back periodically.

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