Dis Ain't No Laughing Matter

George Bush... jus bein' hisself... is a perpetual fountain of material for comedians and creatives. Without a doubt... he holds the title of JokePresident for all of history.  Like all other things in George Bush's life... he didn't have to make an effort to achieve this award.  He's jus bein' hisself.  No other person has provoked the creation of as many funny books, teeshirts and websites than George Bush.

Were it not for George Bush I would be able to finish reading the Internet.

But this has gone beyond funny.  George Bush is a disgrace to our intellegence.... and he's an embarrassment to our country.

We did not elect George Bush... yet we allowed his installation as our President.  It didn't take long after that before George Bush began flexing his newly found muscles... immediately demonstrating that muscles can be moved without passing through the same brain to which they are connected.  Still... we allowed him to remain in office.

"The whole world is watching" was little more than a slogan in 1968.  Today it's a reality... the whole world really is watching... in real time.

Before George Bush... the world laughed at us because we allowed a bunch of jealous power-hungry, psuedo-Christian Republicans assassinate Bill Clinton.  They watched us allow our government be crippled as millions of dollars were pissed away over nothing of consequence.  Laughing at us was an appropriate response.  But... as funny as George Bush is... the rest of the world isn't laughing at us now.

They watched as we did absolutely nothing during the past 3 years to remove George Bush from office... even though he actually lied while taking the Oath of Office.  It is beyond question that George Bush has not defended TheConstitution as he swore he would.  It is also beyond question that he has violated TheConstitution as well as ignoring our laws at will.  He has yet to make a valid decision and he has continually deceived us.  Still... with the destruction of Bill Clinton fresh in our minds... and the motivation for that assassination... we remained silent.

Silence is a passive expression of approval.  That's what the whole world sees.  That's why they no longer laugh at us... or George Bush.

I can't either.  The belly laughs turned into nervous laughs... and they've turned into tears.  It's embarrassing... and frightening.

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