Money spent on politics is an investment in your future. Lobbyists, corporations and those truly wealthy people (that Bush refers to as his "base") clearly view their political contributions as investments in their future. They get "access"... and usually receive a (cash) return on that investment.

For several reasons, I've always had a problem with donating money to political campaigns.

I have a hunch that... like most charitable donations... a very large chunk of it goes to overhead and a relatively small portion actually ends up being used productively.

It has become fashionable for political campaigns to spend an awful lot of money on TV commercials. In spite of what the pollsters report, I don't believe the current genre does anything but preach to the choir. To me... they don't seem to be a very cost effective way to get people to actually think about their voting options.

When a RegularPerson donates to a campaign, they have absolutely no control over how that organization uses their money... and I'm certain these organizations pay little attention towards frugality. There is no accounting for how they spend your money. For certain, you will not get "access"... nor will you get a (cash) return on your investment. When you give it... you know damn well that you'll never see it again.

So... those that can well-afford to make huge donations... ultimately get all their money back - and then some. RegularPeople get nothing... other than the illusion that they helped the candidate of their choice.

My position on the TotemPole is such that my contribution would buy a few dinners for the CampaignBusDriver. Now... I realize that the CampaignBusDriver has to eat... but I really don't think he's eating at Wendy's. That is... my donation would have no direct effect on enlightening anyone. And it sure wouldn't get me 'access' should my candidate win.

Clearly, political campaigns need money. In no way am I suggesting that nobody should donate. Those that will get an actual cash return on their investment (if they picked the winner) are the ones that could... and should carry the burden.

I am suggesting that if all you can afford to invest is enough to buy the CampaignBusDriver a few meals... you should consider a different kind of investment - one that you have more control over... one that would be effective in getting out the message. An affordable, time-proven method to do this is...


Effective billboards show a powerful image usually accompanied by a "catchy" phrase. They are not meant to be studied. By design, billboards deliver "thought plants". Successful billboards catch the passer-by's attention and its message is unconsciously planted in your mind. Frankly, it's a socially accepted form of brainwashing.

Use my expertly designed billboards to economically get the message viewed by large numbers of people. There are no installation costs and... better yet... there are no rental fees. Once you choose an appropriate location, installation takes only seconds.

Two models are available: Stationary and Mobile

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