Sometimes a thought pops into my head as a result of some tidbit I'm reading or listening to.  It's not unusual for that thought to be totally disconnected from the stimuli at hand.  Unlike droppings... which need to be immediately recorded or lost forever... these thoughts stick in my head.  They don't quit... and keep coming back.  Over time... I find myself expanding on the initial thought and usually forget what got me started.  I call these ponderings... one thing leads to another and I invest a reasonable amount of time into them.

You can be certain that I don't pull anything out of the air.  Whatever becomes part of a pondering came from something I had read, heard or observed at some time in my life.  I don't bother to back-track... and I certainly don't seek out documentation to support any conclusion that I come to.

My memory is far from infallible and the possibility certainly exists that time has distorted what I breeze over as fact... perhaps... to the extent that it's way out of line.  I don't want to hear about it...

These ponderings are not meant to sell anything to the reader.  They are meant to provoke the reader to do some pondering on their own.  To this end... the sole purpose of any links that may be included are provided to stimulate your curiosity.  They are not meant to document the validity of the content.

So... take them for what they're worth... they're free.  Just remember where you heard it first.

It Depends on the Meaning of 'Of'

Putting the Pill Into a Bon-Bon

Who Shot John F. Kennedy?

Disregard That Comment

Please check back periodically.

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