Disregard That Comment

Vito Caputo
October 24, 2004

If you've ever watched a TV courtroom drama you've probably heard the judge say "The jury is instructed to disregard that comment."  Usually... the judge says this after the DefenseAttorney makes a comment that is pure opinion... not based in fact.

Most likely... attorneys are trained to do this.  It's a strategy.  It is indeed a rare human brain that can "disregard that comment."  Such statements are thought plants and they're very effective.  Once it's in your head... it stays there.  You heard it and the best you can do is pretend that you didn't... and you can do that only with conscious effort... which is self-defeating.

Sometime in October... Dick Cheney... while beating on John Kerry at a Republican rally... ended one of his paragraphs by saying something like "If we make the wrong decision in November... inevitably we will suffer more terrorist attacks within the United States."

There is no question about what BigDick wanted the listeners to hear...

Vote for Kerry and you will die.

Of course this particular part of his speech was widely broadcast by the LiberalMedia... and once aware... BigDick's opposition was outraged by his remark... and demanded that he immediately retract it.

Only a BoneHead politician would say "Vote for Kerry and you will die"... and BigDick is no BoneHead.  So... how could he retract something he never said?  Well... he did... while he didn't.

Several days after the event... he was confronted about his remarks on the Sunday morning GasBagFest.  BigDick pointed out that he never said "Vote for Kerry and die".  He claimed that he said "Inevitably, we will suffer more terrorists attacks within the United States."  In reality... that is what he said.

Poor BigDick.  Here he was... on national TV... being coerced to retract something he never said.  How unfair.  (Bonus: Public sympathy)

He went on to explain that regardless of the outcome of the election... inevitably, America would experience more terrorist attacks.  Too bad that the audience exposed to his after-the-fact elaboration was miniscule compared to the audience that witnessed the numerous reruns on TV... but... that's part of the plan.  (To my knowledge there were no reruns of his delayed elaboration.  Damn that LiberalMedia)

[Sidebar] For a guy that's constantly bitching about how the LiberalMedia subversively takes things out-of-context... being a national role model of ethical behavior... you'd think he'd never use such a tactic.  His remark had the form "IF this... THEN that."  The BigDick elaborated only on the that and disregarded the this.

Listen up - BigDick knew exactly what he was doing when he did it.  He knew damn well that he could never come out and say "Vote for Kerry and die"... so he tricked his audience into hearing it without ever saying it.

The manipulation is called framing.  Ya see... the clause that immediately preceded his Inevitably clause... was something like "If we make the wrong decision in November...".

It's a no-brainer.  To BigDick... the wrong decision in November is to vote for John Kerry... and everyone that heard that speech... or caught one of its many reruns on TV... heard "Vote for Kerry and you will die".  BigDick built the frame well knowing what picture his live audience would paint.

Devious... insidious and... unfortunately for America... the modus operandi of the BushAdministration.

The audience is instructed to disregard that comment.


What BigDick did can be seen as a modification of  lying by omission.  In this case... rather than leaving out a pertinent fact... he omitted the conclusion to which he had led his audience... and he did it with intent.

It's important to PayAttention to what a speaker says... but when it comes to understanding what the audience really hears... it's more important to recognize and PayAttention to what the speaker doesn't say.

Skilled brainwashers know that people hear what they want to hear... regardless of what's actually said.  Only those that sign a LoyaltyOath are allowed to attend BushCampaign rallies.  It's reported that this is done to avoid disruption by hecklers.  Actually... that's just a side benefit:  More likely... it's done to allow for a successful mass brainwashing... which requires a homogenous audience.  It just wouldn't work if someone called the speaker out on the spot.

"In the entire history of man...
no one has ever been brainwashed...
that he had been brainwashed."

Dick Sutphen speech
World Congress of Professional Hypnotists Convention
Las Vegas, Nevada,

© 2004 Vito Caputo

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