It Depends on the Meaning of 'Of'

The ReligiousWackos in America have been festering for years.  During the BushAdministration... the boil burst and its puss has covered the country.  It is now clear that a large number of elected officials went to sleep and now... Congress appears to be dominated by the ReligiousRight.

Fundamentalists are Fundamentalists... it doesn't matter which HolyScripture they pretend to follow.  They're all fundamentalists.

If this description seems a bit unwarranted... known that The Constitution Restoration Act of 2004 was recently passed by your House of Representative.  And I'll bet you didn't even know that TheConstitution was warn out.  Don't be fooled by this bill's title.  It's a typical ContemporaryRepublican diversionary thought-plant:

It has been shown that Bush's Clear Skies Initiative will clear the skies of only one thing - birds.  In the same vein... this restoration bill will destroy our Constitutional protection from religion.

When the DemocraticParty regains control of Congress and the Presidency they should make correcting a major oversight in TheConstitution their top priority.

Our Founders wanted to guarantee us "freedom of religion"... everyone gets to practice the religion of their choice.  At the time... the goal was to provide that which had been denied in the countries from which they had fled.

It is highly unlikely that it would have entered the minds of these people that their new fellow countrymen would ever begin plotting towards any one religion capturing control of the government.  After all... that's precisely the reason they fled their motherlands.  Consequently... knowing what they didn't want... they wrote what they did want: Guarantee everyone the freedom to practice the religion of their choice... and I'm certain they knew that one of the possible choices was none.

There is an obvious implication:  It is impossible to freely and openly practice one religion if... at the same time... you were not protected from the laws and lifestyle of any other religion being forced upon you.

That was more than 200 years ago.  Today... there is a religious group that is intent on capturing control of our government and turning America into a theocracy based on their interpretation of BiblicalLaw.  Whether their numbers grew through evolution from the original settlers or their numbers grew from unrelated new immigrants is irrelevant.  They are here... they are aggressive.  It took them 20 years to infiltrate and dominate Congress and place the likes of George Bush into the Presidency... and in a mere 4 years since... they have change the face of America at an unprecedented rate.

Ignore it... or support it... at your own peril.

"Freedom of Religion" must be expanded to specifically include "Freedom from Religion".

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