Putting the Pill Into a Bon-Bon
If you're a parent, pet-owner, or date-raper... you know this trick.

October 4, 2004

A while back... there was a news item about the how emergency 9-1-1 services were being upgraded to accommodate cellphone calls... and that's a good thing.  In some areas... it's already up-and-running.

I'm not expert in such matters but I suspect that the solution was found through the development of specialized software.  As such... it would soon become available for distribution to others who need to know the geographic location of a cellphone for honorable reasons... then it would become afforadable for a select portion of the masses... then pirated copies would become available for downloading.  You know how this works.

What follows is an excerpt from the October 3 issue of Spyware Weekly Newsletter.  Rather than omit that which is not pertinent, I've muted the font as some readers may still be not be aware of the information provided therein.  By doing so... you can immediately find the meat.  While reading... Ponder the Patriot Act.

Careful What You Say ...
And Where You Go

If you are one of the millions of people who chat on an instant messenger while you work, you should be very cautious about what you say. Several companies are offering services that allow employers to monitor what their employees are chatting about. They also let employers monitor which web sites employees visit while surfing the web.

This is nothing new of course. Just be careful what you say, to whom you say it and where you are surfing while you say it.

Another service is a little newer and quite disturbing. Some companies now are monitoring the physical location of their employees through their cell phones. One company even offers an electronic "fence" that sends an alarm to management if the tracking software discovers an employee going into certain "off limit" locations such as a bar or a park.

I am deeply disturbed at these services. If I stop into a bar to have lunch, that is no one's business but my own. The best Low Country Boil (that's a dinner dish for you yankees reading this) in Savannah, Georgia happens to be served at (in my opinion) Bernie's Restaurant and Bar. I stopped there for lunch many times when I lived in Savannah and worked for the Savannah Morning News.

With all the companies offering services that let one person monitor another through their cell phones, I almost feel as if everyone soon will be forced to leave their phones in a lead box with the batteries out just to have some privacy.

Fair Warning

Before said... it is highly likely that this software/service will become cheap or free and be readily available to suspicious participants in monogamous relationships.  If you're on the long end of the stick... I suggest you repent... or consider renting a locker at the bowling alley.

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