Who Shot John F. Kennedy?

In May of 2002, George Bush told foreign leaders that he opposed an independent probe into the 9/11 attacks.

Well publicized and enduring pressure was exerted by a group of well-organized 9/11 family members.  Whereas George Bush could quash the demands of a bunch of politico wimps... he knew better than to mess with a bunch of outspoken women.  He changed his mind.  He had no choice.

George Bush appointed Henry Kissinger to head the commission.  Shortly after accepting the appointment... Kissinger was smart enough to pay attention to the public outrage... and resigned due to a conflict of interest.  So... Kissinger didn't happen.  Still...

Why would a man choose Henry Kissinger?


Money spent is a measure of importance.  George Bush's Congress clearly stated that there is no comparison between the importance of this investigation and the 1999 investigations of evil Bill Clinton.

The morally outraged and outspoken Republicans in Congress invested $47 million of our money to investigate the evil Bill Clinton.  George Bush's Republican Congress empowered the 9/11 investigation with $3 million to uncover the short-comings that made us vulnerable to the attack and determine remedies to minimize the possibility of future attacks.
Republican Priorities Expressed Through Funding
Investigation $ (millions) Importance
Bill Clinton 47 16
9/11 3 1

16 : 1
What kind of people would set such priorities?


The first public hearing of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States was held on March 31... 566 days after the attack.  Immediately following the attack on 9/11/01... the BushAdministration constantly told us that our country could be attacked at any moment.  Coincident to the emergence of bad news for the BushAdministration... we were told that 'chatter' was picked up requiring the color-coded Alert Level to be raised.  The BushAdministration continually told us about the extent of the threat under which we were living.  Still... George Bush delayed the investigation for 566 days.

What would motivate a person to do this?


Once the investigation began... George Bush was not at all cooperative.  He classified... he redacted.  He withheld information from a committee he himself had appointed to investigate the state of our NationalSecurity... and his stated reason for these actions was NationalSecurity.  In essence... George Bush said I can't let you see pertinent information about National Security because of National Security.

Before agreeing to testify... George Bush set some very strange ground rules considering the monumental importance of the investigation... and his proclaimed desire to get to the truth.

  • He refused to testify in public.  That is... he did not want the people to hear his words firsthand... nor did he want the people to see him say it.

  • He refused to testify under oath.  I can't imagine why an honest person would refuse to say whatever he had to say while under oath.

  • He demanded that he and Dick Cheney be interviewed together behind closed doors.  Such an arrangement... in any kind of investigation... has never been allowed.  Two people with the same knowledge... who intended to be both truthful and forthright would not be fearful of testifying separately.  They would have no problem should any minor contradiction arise in their individual testimonies... they could be easily explained.

  • He demanded that no physical record... written or recorded... of the interview was to be made.  A person that intended to tell the truth as he knew it to be at the time... would have no apprehension about his testimony being recorded.  If information came to light at some time in the future showing the content of his testimony was inaccurate... no problem.  After all, his testimony was thruthful based on the knowledge available at the time.

What kind of man would do all that he could to impede the progress of such an important and time sensitive investigation... and demand that procedures be implimented so there would be no way to hold him responsible for what he said?

What kind of a person is George Bush?

What kind of people are the politicos...
that allowed George Bush to set the rules?

What kind of people are those in the media...
that failed to enlighten the American people
about the absurdity of the whole thing?

What kind of people are we...
that stood on the sidelines and watched it happen?

Can ya help me out here?
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